The position of CNC fine plasma cutting machine in the cutting field

Foreign countries have used CNC plasma cutting machines to cut metal materials as early as 40 years ago. my country is far behind foreign companies for 30 years. However, with the reform and opening up and economic development, my country's CNC plasma cutting technology has become increasingly mature and the level of research and development is also constant. The continuous development of high-tech products and their successful introduction to the market have made my country's domestic equipment a strong competitor to imported equipment, especially in the shipbuilding industry.

The main types of CNC plasma cutting machines are: conventional plasma arc cutting, dual gas plasma arc cutting, water jet plasma arc cutting, long-life oxygen plasma arc cutting, CNC fine plasma cutting machine.

Many shipbuilding industries now want to achieve precision shipbuilding and high-efficiency shipbuilding in the process of shipbuilding, so the cutting requirements are becoming more and more stringent. The successful development of CNC precision plasma cutting machine makes the goal pursued by the shipbuilding industry no longer a dream.

In the past, many industries would choose a CNC laser cutting machine for high-precision cutting because it has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision, good cutting quality, and high work efficiency. However, domestic laser cutting machines are relatively lagging, and many companies choose foreign products. , The cost is high, which restricts the development of domestic laser cutting machines; in addition, it has many shortcomings in cutting medium and thick plates. In the future, solving these problems will effectively ensure work efficiency and cutting quality while reducing production costs, which promotes The development of CNC precision plasma cutting machine. CNC precision plasma cutting machine has high cutting arc current density, coupled with the introduction of rotating magnetic field technology, the arc stability is good, so that the cutting accuracy is very high, and the precision plasma cutting reduces the operating cost while cutting efficiently and precisely. The cost is only laser cutting. 1/3, so it has won the favor of many industries, especially the shipbuilding industry.

The development of CNC precision plasma cutting technology not only solves the problems of poor work efficiency, low material utilization, and unstable quality in my country's thermal cutting industry, but can also drive the development of other related fields in China.


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