The reason why the holes of the plasma cutting machine are misplaced during operation and cannot be cut through

Regarding the reasons for the dislocation and impenetrability of the CNC plasma cutting machine, we briefly summarize the following points:

1. The direct reason is whether the power allocation of the equipment is not suitable? The power of the purchased equipment is far less than the power required for material cutting, just like a single person repairing the Great Wall, naturally low efficiency. Remind our customers that when purchasing equipment, we will choose equipment matching according to our Shandong Bloer equipment purchase opinions to ensure that the customer's concept is improved, and the price will be preferentially selected.

2. The air flow of the equipment may not be adjusted properly. This article involves the process parameters of the equipment. The debugging of the process parameters is also a science. Generally, the debugging is carried out by one's own experience, and there are reasons for the familiarity of a certain device.

3. Quality of cutting torch and electrode nozzle. For a CNC plasma cutting machine with a large number of parts and components, once there are too many parts, there may be excessive quality problems. Therefore, it is important to observe the strength of the manufacturer before purchasing equipment.


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