How to maintain and operate CNC cutting machine in hot summer!

Now that summer has come, the temperature is gradually rising, and the temperature can sometimes reach 35°C or more. Although the working environment of the CNC cutting machine can reach 50°C, in order to prolong the service life of the CNC cutting equipment, but also to ensure the accuracy of the equipment during cutting, the high temperature in summer is very important for the maintenance of the CNC cutting machine.

The room where the CNC cutting machine is used should maintain a good ventilation effect as much as possible, equipped with a cooling system such as a fan to keep the room cool, and at the same time prevent workers from heatstroke caused by frequent high-temperature work.

The steel plate is cut at high temperature. After the cutting, there is residual temperature on the steel plate, and this residual temperature is high enough to burn the skin, so after the cutting, you should not touch it with your hands in a hurry, and wait until the steel plate is completely cooled. It can be removed by mechanical equipment after touching or cutting.

When the CNC cutting machine cuts the material, its temperature is very high. Some flammable materials such as chemical fiber clothes cannot be placed next to the steel plate or cutting gun to prevent fire. Rails and racks are easy to generate heat due to friction during use. Once too high heat is generated, it will affect the material of the parts. In order to prevent excessive heat generation, lubricating oil must be added before use.

Do not store objects that are explosive at high temperature at the cutting site, such as gas cylinders and gas pipes, do not stay at the cutting site. When using a CNC plasma cutting machine or a CNC flame cutting machine, the air pipe and power cord should be suspended in the air, and should not be placed on the guide rail or cutting plane to prevent damage and accidents.

When using a cutting machine, you must concentrate and not half-hearted. Many production accidents are caused by lack of concentration during operation. After use, turn off the power and air source, and wipe the panel clean to ensure the next use.


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