The structure of the four components of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine

With the continuous progress of our science and technology, the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is more and more widely used in the modern machinery processing industry. So, what are the parts of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine, and what are the functions of each part? Below is a brief analysis by the editor of Bloer Gantry Cutting Machine for the majority of users. Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly composed of four parts, CNC system part, machine tool part, optimization part and energy part.

1. Numerical control system

The CNC system is the command center of the gantry CNC cutting machine. Its core is an industrial computer (or industrial controller) and a set of cutting control software dedicated to CNC cutting. The CNC cutting system control software provides a variety of cutting CNC cutting processes and motion control, which determine the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine.

2. Optimization part

The core of optimizing nesting software, focusing on optimizing nesting components and programming nesting and cutting efficiency. The optimized nesting of the whole page and the optimized layout of the material plate improve the utilization rate of the steel material and can more effectively improve the efficiency of CNC cutting.

3. Energy part

The energy part includes: plasma power supply, laser-like plasma power supply, laser cutting power supply, etc.

4. Machine part

The machine tool is the main part of the gantry cutting machine. The frame part includes: beam guide, rack and pinion drive system, reducer, servo motor system, lifting system, electrical control cabinet, and according to different needs, optional automatic Height adjustment system, ignition system, etc.


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