Cutting speed of CNC plasma cutting machine

There are two main reasons for the processing speed of the CNC plasma cutting machine, one is the speed of the CNC plasma cutting machine motor, and the other is the output power of the plasma power supply.

In the production process, low cutting efficiency due to the mechanical speed limit of the plasma cutting machine is relatively rare. The speed of the CNC plasma cutting machine is directly linked to the choice of plasma power supply. If you want to improve the production and processing efficiency of the CNC plasma cutting machine, it will be economical to replace the plasma power supply. And direct means.

What are the main manifestations of the relationship between the speed and power supply of the CNC plasma cutting machine?

The model of the CNC plasma cutting machine. This model is generally the output current of the plasma cutting machine. Depending on the power of the model, the selected cutting current is different, and the cutting speed is not the same. The above data does not indicate that you choose What brand and model of plasma cutting machine is it, so detailed data cannot be given. The material of the workpiece to be cut is different, and the cutting speed is different according to different cutting materials. Common cutting materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, the cutting speed is faster, cast iron is slightly slower, followed by aluminum, and copper, because copper and aluminum are more difficult to cut. The cutting speed is much slower than the previous two, and the cutting thickness is much smaller than that of stainless steel and carbon steel when plasma cutting copper and aluminum with the same power. The input voltage of the cutting site is generally AC 380V. However, due to the different conditions of each factory site, the general voltage fluctuates between 365V and 410V, so the input voltage is also the reason for the cutting speed.


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