Why workers are more willing to use plasma cutting machines

At present, the staff working in the factory, when choosing a cutting machine, are more willing to use a CNC plasma cutting machine, not only because the cutting quality of this cutting machine is good, for the staff, the more direct relationship is Because of its flexibility and safety, few people may know the plasma cutting machine, so I don't know where its flexibility and safety are manifested. If you want to know, take a look!

First, flexibility

The CNC plasma cutting machine can cut any metal, whether it is conductive or non-conductive. It can cut plates, such as stainless steel and brass. In addition, it can also cut aluminum alloys. The flame cutting machine, because it will interact with metals. The reaction occurs between them, so only carbon steel can be cut, and the plasma cutting machine can solve this problem well, making the cutting work more flexible and adapt to more situations.

Second, security

Traditional flame cutting technology uses mixed gases, common ones are propane, propylene and natural gas, but these gases have potential safety hazards of explosion, so they are not safe, and plasma cutting machines do not need to consider these issues when cutting , Because the gas it uses is of a safety level, it is not easy to burn, and it will not explode, so that it can provide safety for the work of the staff.

Multi-torch CNC plasma cutting machine

This is the main reason why workers are willing to use CNC plasma cutting machines. It not only makes the work easier, but also provides protection for their personal safety. Another aspect is that it is more convenient to operate and does not require replacement of parts. , It can meet the cutting requirements of all kinds of plates, and there is no need to change the gas.

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