Go hand in hand to create a better future, BODA’s 20th anniversary completely succeeds

Years are not living, the season is like a stream. BODA has quietly walked through the entire 20 years of spring and autumn, 20 years of wind and rain, 20 years of inheritance, 20 years of shoulder-to-face work together to achieve BODA today. On Jan 8th, 2019, BODA celebrated its 20th anniversary. Thanks to all the guests for taking the time to take part in their busy schedule.






At the dinner party, everyone gathered together to enjoy a warm and charming time. BODA gave the award to three kinds of employee who works in BODA for 20 years, more than 15 years and more than 10 years. The excellent agent gave a speech and award and sweepstakes

At the dinner party, Korean customer proactively proposed to sign a machine tool agreement with our company. Thank you for your trust and support!



BODA’s 20th anniversary completely succeeds. Looking back, we are proud of what we have achieved. Looking forward to the future, we feel more arduous and far-reaching. The results of the past two decades are the foundation of our future development. In the future, we must be more aware of the situation, carry forward the past, meet the challenges, and constantly develop.

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