The main parameters

Spindle taperBT50 drilling maximum diameter ¢40
Spindle speedStepless speed regulation, precise positioning
Spindle feed high-power AC servo ball screw drive


High-speed integrated drill pin spindle head

Using CNC cutting center machine spindle

CNC drilling, milling and cutting compound machine tool

It is one of the powerful masterpieces launched by our company based on 20 years of experience in manufacturing CNC cutting machines and combined with domestic and foreign technologies. It has international-level high-precision and high-efficiency composite processing equipment. It can complete multiple processes of milling, scribing, drilling, chamfering, tapping and bevel cutting of the plate. The design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the whole machine are completely completed under the ISO9001 quality monitoring program。

High-tech product certification

The translational CNC drilling and cutting exchange work platform won the national "Invention Patent Certificate"
(Patent No.: ZL201110444821.0)


basic skills

  • Cutting method and principle

    The CNC drilling, milling and cutting composite machine tool is a high-precision composite processing equipment of international level independently developed by our company. It is a high-precision processing equipment that develops flat cutting to intelligent and integrated cold and hot processing. The user can complete multiple processes of milling, scribing, drilling, chamfering, tapping, and bevel cutting of the plate with only one clamping, realizing cross-platform multi-functional integration, eliminating the need for subsequent manual or mechanical secondary processing, reducing Auxiliary process time, reduce labor costs, improve product accuracy and production efficiency, and provide users with high-precision and high-efficiency top processing equipment.

  • Product advantages

    The user can complete multiple processes of milling, scribing, drilling, chamfering, tapping, and bevel cutting of the plate as long as it is clamped once. Japanese steel cutting (standard version) rectangular square tube cutting (standard version) tube steel cutting (customized version) cutting + drilling (customized version)

  • Application range and purpose

    Widely used in electric power, bridges, steel structures, automobiles and other industries。

Total parameter table

Configuration selection mark: √standard configuration □optional configuration ×cannot be selected


CNC plasma bevel cutting machine

CNC drilling and cutting compound machine

CNC drilling, cutting and beveling compound machine



the Lord






Processing steel plate size range

According to customer needs

Basic rail (longitudinal)

Finely ground rails


Linear Guides


Gantry rail (horizontal)

Linear Guides

Precision grinding rail




Machine tool gantry structure

Moving beam gantry

Fixed beam gantry



Mobile carriage

Bracket for vertical cutting



Bracket for bevel cutting


Bracket for drill pin


Cutting torch configuration



Drill pin spindle configuration











Control System

CNC system

Hypertherm Edge-Pro six axis


Boda special customized system


Drive servo motor

Mitsubishi Servo


Central control module

Mitsubishi or other PLC

Touch control panel


Drill pin spindle configuration

Automatic tool length compensation


Automatic tool change control module



Cutting torch configuration

Independent arc voltage height adjustment

System integrated arc voltage height adjustment







Fine cutting plasma (imported)

BD fine cutting plasma(Boda)

General-purpose plasma






Cutting torch angle control device

BODA (patent) cutting torch lifting device

BODA (patent)Cutting torch bevel control device






Drill pin spindle specifications

Precision spindle BT30/40/50


Special drilling spindle



Automatic sheet pressing


Presser foot type plate fastening device


Hydraulic plate fastening device


Automatic tool magazine

Straight tool magazine


Disc tool magazine


Spindle speed control device

AC servo spindle


Inverter spindle





Smoke purification device


Lubrication device


Laser pointer


Running three-color indicator







the amount

Cutting form quality

Fine cutting

Fine bevel cutting


Drilling data

Drilling parameters are customized on demand


Whole machine operation test standard

Factory standard




Boda series of products with other specifications can be provided according to customer needs, or customized

Remarks: For reference only, the machine tool is non-standard equipment. The specific configuration of Boda’s sales personnel and technology will be determined according to the actual process conditions of the customer, and the final contract and technical agreement with the user shall prevail. Our highest aim is to provide customers First-class products and services.

Product appearance design.

The machine tool gantry adopts a heavy-load structure, the overall structure is reasonable, the accuracy is higher, and the industrial appearance design is adopted. Fashion and science and technology coexist, so that technology and art are perfectly integrated.
It gives people a refined, serious, unified, orderly and rational It feels that it meets the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high efficiency of the machining center.

It has a standard factory building of 16,000 square meters and a modern office center, R&D center and cutting training center of 10,000 square meters, covering a total area of 35,000 square meters.

Talents enhance strength, professionalism creates quality. In 2004, the company and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly established a new product research and development center. The company has a team of doctors, masters, and a large number of high and intermediate technical personnel who have long been engaged in the research and development of new technologies and new products. So far, the company has obtained a number of national invention patents and practical patents, and many products have won the title of "High-tech Products in Jiangsu Province". These achievements represent the current domestic thermal cutting industry's relatively new technology, and the products have obtained CE certification.