The main parameters

Cutting tube typeRound tube or square tube
Cuttable formVarious graphics after the intersecting lines are expanded, can be grooved
Number of control axes2-4-6 axis, standard 6 axis for bevel cutting
Cutting pipe diameterAccording to customer requirements
Cutting methodPlasma or flame
Maximum length of pipe≤12m
Pipe clamping methodDouble chuck
Power driveHigh precision AC servo + special planetary reducer
Control SystemDedicated intersecting line
Cutting systemControllable 6-axis, quantitative built-in intersecting line cutting macro library

Compound CNC Intersecting Wire Cutting Machine

The small pipe diameter cutting introduced by combining domestic and foreign technology is a new type of CNC small pipe intersecting wire cutting machine developed by our company. Mainly used for cutting round pipes, square pipes and rectangular pipes.

High-tech product certification


basic skills

  • Cutting method and principle

    The composite CNC intersecting line cutting machine is a new type of CNC tube intersecting line cutting machine developed by our company, which is mainly used for cutting round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, and special-shaped tubes. Through the control of the numerical control system, the curve of any shape can be cut on the tube. Equipped with flame, plasma can cut carbon steel pipe and stainless steel pipe conveniently. Optimized design for cross-section pipes can effectively improve work efficiency. Cuttable round pipe size: ≤Φ300mm   Cuttable rectangular pipe size: 60×60mm to 300×300mm

  • Product advantages

    The host adopts the world's advanced dual-chuck structure, which is mounted on a fixed frame for asynchronous clamping and synchronous drive; five-axis CNC system with an external remote control workstation; powerful functions and convenient operation; cutting programs are built with 3D software The whole machine has a friendly interface and complete functions. What you see is what you need, and what you need is what you need.

  • Application scope and purpose.

    The application of square pipe intersecting line cutting is mainly divided into two categories: one is the conveying pipeline, where the main pipe and the branch pipe are welded, and the structure is simple; the other is the steel structure in the pipe, where multiple pipes intersect and the welding structure is complicated. It is widely used in pipe frame steel structure, petroleum, construction, bridge engineering, municipal construction, electric power, shipbuilding, offshore engineering and other industries.

Total parameter table

Configuration selection mark: √standard configuration □optional configuration ×cannot be selected


Gantry type pipe cutting machine (2-3 axis)

Moving column pipe cutting machine (4-6 axis)

Compound pipe cutting machine (5-6 axis)

Robotic arm intersecting line cutting machine


Processing pipe size range

According to customer needs

Processing tube form

Round tube

Square tube/multi-rib tube

Profile/angle steel/channel steel



Base form





Moving column



Fixed beam




Work head clamping movement mode

Fixed clamping



Single axis rotation



Two-axis deflection



Robotic arm




Pipe support bracket

Mobile bracket



Auxiliary support frame




Chuck support frame








Torch configuration




Boda Custom Control System

BdCNC 3 axis, 2-3 axis linkage




BdCNC 6-axis, 4-axis linkage



BdCNC 6-axis, 5-axis linkage



Boda robotic arm control system




Drive servo motor

Mitsubishi Servo




Central control module

Mitsubishi or other PLC

Touch control panel


Torch height control

Height adjustment device control




System integrated control




Fine plasma (imported)

BD Fine Plasma (Boda)

Universal plasma






Cutting torch angle control device

Boda (patent) cutting torch lifting device


Boda (patent)Cutting torch bevel control device



Customized robotic arm control device






Smoke purification device


Lubrication device



Laser pointer



Running three-color indicator















Cutting form and quality

Fine cutting

Bevel cutting


Whole machine operation test standard

Factory standard



Boda series of products with other specifications can be provided according to customer needs, or customized

Remarks: For reference only, the machine tool is non-standard equipment. The specific configuration of Boda’s sales personnel and technology will be determined according to the actual process conditions of the customer, and the final contract and technical agreement with the user shall prevail. Our highest aim is to provide customers First-class products and services.                        

Product appearance design

The overall structure is reasonable, the precision is higher, the industrial appearance design, the fashion and the sense of technology coexist, so that the technology and the art are perfectly integrated.
It gives people a sense of exquisiteness, seriousness, uniformity and rationality, which meets the high precision, Features of high speed and high efficiency.

It has a standard workshop of 16,000 square meters and a modern office center, R&D center and cutting training center of 10,000 square meters, covering a total area of 35,000 square meters.

Talents enhance strength, professionalism creates quality. In 2004, the company and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly established a new product research and development center. The company has a team of doctors, masters, and a large number of high and intermediate technical personnel who have long been engaged in the research and development of new technologies and new products. So far, the company has obtained a number of national invention patents and practical patents, and many products have won the title of "High-tech Products in Jiangsu Province". These achievements represent the current domestic thermal cutting industry's relatively new technology, and the products have obtained CE certification.