The main parameters

single/Bilateral drive

Bilateral drive



Effective cutting length

Track length minus3000mm

Effective cutting width


CNC system

BODA CNCOr import system

Drive System

AC servo drive

Idle speed

12000 mm/min≤24000mm/min

A new generation of CNC gantry cutting machine

It is one of the most powerful masterpieces launched by our company based on 20 years of experience in manufacturing CNC cutting machines, combined with domestic and foreign technology. Its appearance is exquisite and atmospheric, and it adopts modular design. It can be equipped with flame/fine (laser-like) Plasma cutting and fine small hole Plasma cutting according to customer needs, which can fully meet the needs of high-end customers.

High-tech product certification

Won“High-tech product certificationcertificate”


basic skills

  • Cutting method and principle

    Fine Plasma small hole cutting refers to the use of fine Plasma to cut small round holes with a diameter-to-thickness ratio of 1:1 on low-carbon steel plates with a thickness of 5-25mm. It can replace drilling within a certain range and reduce cold working procedures and processing. Working hours, or instead of laser cutting, effectively reduce the procurement cost of laser cutting machines. Fine Plasma small hole cutting is actually an extension of the flat cutting function. It adopts high-speed and high-precision gantry CNC machine tools, fine Plasma cutting power supply, high-performance multi-axis CNC system, and automatically controls the gas flow, improves the arc beam stiffness, and reduces the cutting taper. , To achieve a better round hole cutting effect.

  • Product advantages

    The installation method of double-sided pipe beams, imported linear guides, and L-shaped over-positioning technology ensure the highest accuracy of the machine tool; the ultra-wide movable body (400mm) ensures the stable operation of the machine tool. Won the national "High-tech product certification certificate", representing the leading level of China's cutting industry! The specially designed vertical and horizontal direction adopts linear guide rails (optional), which makes the plane cutting machine the ultimate, and the accuracy is comparable to or surpassing similar foreign products.

  • Application scope and purpose.

    It can be widely used in high-precision cutting and processing of sheet metal parts in industries such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, grain machinery, engineering machinery, high-speed rail, construction machinery, boilers, fans, elevators, stone saw blade substrates, etc.

Total parameter table

Configuration selection mark: √standard configuration □optional configuration ×cannot be selected


Fine Plasma Cutting Machine

Fine small hole Plasma cutting machine

The new four-generation IV series highFine small hole Plasma cutting machine



the Lord






Industrial design appearance

Three generations (red standard)


Fourth generation (grey standard)



Processing steel plate size range

According to customer needs

Running speed


Basic rail (longitudinal)


Precision grinding rail

Precision milling guide




Gantry rail (horizontal)

Linear guide 

Lifting body


Boda (patented technology)

Imported original







Control System

Imported CNC

Domestic CNC

Drive servo motor

Imported servo motor


Imported servo motor

Plasma torch height adjustment

Imported system integrated arc voltage height adjustment

Domestic arc voltage increase

flame cutting torch raise

Imported capacitors increase

Domestic capacitance adjustment





Imported fine power supply

Domestic LH fine power supply (Liuhe)



Imported solenoid valve/pressure reducing valve

Imported cutting torch

Automatic ignition accessories/high and low preheating valve group/multi-stage perforated valve group




Smoke purification device

Dry dust purification


Lubrication device



Laser pointer/Indicator light



Work seat





the amount


Best cutting quality

Fine cutting 

Fine small hole cutting


Whole machine operation test standard

National standard/Factory standard 


Boda series of other specification products can be provided according to customer needs, or customized  

Remarks: For reference only, the machine tool is non-standard equipment. The specific configuration of Boda’s sales personnel and technology will be determined according to the actual process conditions of the customer, and the final contract and technical agreement with the user shall prevail. Our highest aim is to provide customers First-class products and services。

Product appearance design

The main body of this model adopts a gantry structure, which is arranged in parallel with the pipe. The gantry is equipped with a mobile trolley lifting device; Fixed clampingflame or Plasma cutting torch.
It gives people a sense of exquisiteness, seriousness, uniformity and rationality, which is in line with the processing The center features high precision, high speed and high efficiency.

It has a standard factory building of 16,000 square meters and a modern office center, R&D center and cutting training center of 10,000 square meters, covering a total area of 35,000 square meters.

Talents enhance strength, professionalism creates quality. In 2004, the company and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly established a new product research and development center. The company has a team of doctors, masters, and a large number of high and intermediate technical personnel who have long been engaged in the research and development of new technologies and new products. So far, the company has obtained a number of national invention patents and practical patents, and many products have won the title of "High-tech Products in Jiangsu Province". These achievements represent the current domestic thermal cutting industry's relatively new technology, and the products have obtained CE certification.