Contributing to society

Contributing to society

Corporate responsibility and giving back to society: BODA Funding for a new school

Facing the new era, through the exploration of the “Corporate Responsibility to the Society” series of donation responsibility model, BODA's social responsibility concept has been reinterpreted, and our responsibility method and responsibility system has been deepened and established.

On Apr 14th, 2010, BODA president XIE WEIXIN personally went to Diantian Township, Tengchong County, Yunnan Province to inspect and negotiate the matter, and finally decided to invest in the construction of Manqi Primary School in Tuantian Township, Tengchong County. After the completion of the new teaching building of the school, it was named “Boda” Building.



    Provide employment position

    BODA actively responds to national macroeconomic policies and serves economic and social development. BODA attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents and promotes the common growth of employees and enterprises.

    Shoulding the industry mission

    Cutting industry leader
    Xie Weixin, President, Vice President of China Welding Association,
    Chairman of China Welding Association Cutting Branch Technological innovation,
    leading the latest development direction of China's thermal cutting industry Multiple technologies fill the domestic gap Seven national invention patents,
    more than twenty utility model high-tech products patents Build national brand, practice “China Creation”