Culture-soul of the enterprise

As the leader of the industry, excellent culture is the key to enhancing attractiveness and enhancing competitiveness.
Since the establishment of BODA, managers have always attached importance to the existence value of corporate culture, and continue to deepen the deep corporate culture that has gradually formed in the hearts of all employees. We will create a positive and progressive learning atmosphere, cultivate employees' work mentality of “taking the facts as their own responsibility”, “happy work, and work happily”, and build a stage where employees' personal talents can be brought into play, so that most employees gradually become excellent, and also to excellent quality change, thereby improving the overall quality of the team, thereby achieving the development goals of BODA--be a brand enterprise and create a life of excellence.

  • Key idea

    Broad and Profound

  • Management policy

    Intensive, Professional, Strong

  • Enterprise purpose

    Focus on creating value for our customers

  • Enterprise goal

    Build national brand, practice “China Creation